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On the Shore – exhibition design

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

A tengerpartra

Eszter Csurka Exhibition

Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary | 2013

curator: Gábor Gulyás

The main idea of the exhibition and the conception of the identity are both based on János Pilinszky’s poem ’On the coast’.

’The sea lies out on the seashore,

my beloved rests at the world's end,

like a remote sun, flares my heart,

we all belong to its shadow.’

left: original painting by Eszter Csurka

right: we used the inverse version of the artwork for the exhibition design

because the painting was placed in a red-lit room in the exhibition space:

© Eszter Csurka

photo © György Darabos

photo © Tímea Andorka

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