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Crystal Village – exhibition design

Updated: Jul 28, 2022


László Kósza Sipos Exhibition

Szentendre Gallery, Szentedre, Hungary | 2017

curator: Brigitta Muladi

László Kósa Sipos’s distinctive style of „triangulation” yielded works that show the same crystal structure effect that is seen in today’s electronic images created by so called Low Poly generators. Notwithstanding, the roots of the artist’s landscapes and crystallized figures can be traced back to his graphics from the sixties, which, in turn, had its origins in the artistic activities of Lajos Vajda and his circle, focusing on collecting and depicting small town motifs. The identity of the exhibition tends to fit in the geometrical frame peculiar to the artist’s own characteristic style.

László Kósza Sipos: Kristályhegyek | Crystalhills, 1985

photos: Tímea Andorka


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