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Colours Festival – film festival design

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

organisers: Odeon Video Kft & Budapest Film Zrt. | 2014

Colours Festival was a cultural festival with one of its objectives to bring immigrants and the majority society living in Hungary closer together - through films, talks and other cultural activities (exhibitions, concerts, food and drink tastings) over 5 weekends.

Some of the feature films and documentaries screened at the festival focused on the life situations associated with the phenomenon of migration, the phenomena and conflicts arising from the coexistence of different cultures.

project manager: Erika Borsos

professional leader: Hajna Tóth

creative leader: Edit Bartha

migration expert: Attila Mészáros

assistant: Kinga Ambrus

art direction & graphic design: Tímea Andorka

photos: Máté Bach, András Polgár & Hajna Tóth

teaser: Gergely Pápai


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