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Levitation | Levitáció 

László FeLugossy | Imre Bukta | János Szirtes

Fine art exhibition at ArtMill / MűvészetMalom, Szentendre, Hungary | 2017

Curator: Gábor Gulyás

In this exhibition, three artists reflected on their relationship to the Szentendre artistic tradition; it was in this city – whole or in a part – where their art has become mature, but they aren’t closely connected to it anymore. Thus, they are able to see the place from outside and from inside for the same time, and their reflection also deals directly with their own artistic career.
The exhibition is based on the connections between these three artistic ways, mainly through new artworks which were made for this occasion. The three artists were related to each other primary through the fact that each of them has a characteristic artistic attitude, which are defined by irony and lyricism. 
The exhibition dealt with the immovability and the detachment from it, the relationship between gravity and elevation. The possibility of levitation.

Levitáció plakát