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Ata Kandó – Kandó Gyula

Cross Horizon | Ferde horizont

at Szentendre Gallery, Hungary | 2017

Curators: Brigitta Muladi, Fruzsina Kigyós


The painter Gyula Kandó (1908–1968) and his wife, photographer Ata Kandó (1913–2017) had an adventurous life and a heartfelt relationship.

According to his wife, if Gyula Kandó hadn’t had returned to Hungary, he would have become a world-famous abstract painter, just like Kandinsky or Paul Klee. Gyula Kandó’s paintings are represented in the Hungarian National Gallery, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, as well as private collections. 

Ata Kandó (born as Etelka Görög in Budapest, Hungary) had a similarly interesting life and remained active well over the age of 100. She died shortly before her 104th birthday in September 2017. Her career connected her to many of the iconic figures of photography. In Paris, for example, she was assistant and protégé to Robert Capa. After his husband left Paris, she earned her and her children’s living by herself, working as fashion photographer and publishing the photographs that she made during her travels around the world.