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Gábor Kerekes – Futur X

Paper Collages of 10 Years

Kerekes Gábor  FuturX

10 év papírkollázsai

at Szentendre Gallery, Hungary | 2016

Curator: Zsuzsanna Kozák

Kerekes Gábor exhibition poster

Gábor Kerekes is the contemporary master of the genre of paper collage anchored in a significant tradition. He mostly uses newspapers to be shredded (received from publishing houses) but by totally reorganizing their context and recycling their materiality he creates an entirely new artistic content. 


In working on the identity my main goal was to come up with a design which fits harmoniously in this overall idea. To achieve this I used hand-cut paper recycled from print waste for every caption and textual item that appeared in the exhibition space.

curator: Zsuzsanna Kozák

art direction & graphic design: Tímea Andorka 

paper cutting: Tímea Andorka

photo: Balázs Deim, Tímea Andorka 

printing: Plot GL, Print City Europe Zrt.

installation: Robin Kecskés, Szilárd Masika


© the artist

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