Chiharu Shiota – Rain of Memories

Chiharu Shiota – Emlékeső

at Szentendre Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary | 2016
Curator: Gábor Gulyás

Chiharu Shiota, the Japanese artist who has lived in Berlin for twenty years, has earned international renown with exciting installations and performances. The Key in the Hand, the project she presented at the 2015 Venice Biennale, was named best exhibition of the year by several specialist journals.

Shiota likes to work with threads and everyday objects strung together: in her installations, old beds, window frames, clothes, shoes, suitcases or keys appear in an apparently impenetrable, mysterious tangle of strands. Over the past decade, the thread has become Shiota’s artistic trademark. As they enmesh the exhibition halls, the tangles, like so many emblems of how human relationships develop, represent the richly symbolic notions of remembering again and again. Szentendre Gallery had given home to the installation that comprises hundreds of kilometres of red thread and over twenty thousand old keys, which the public contributed in Hungary and abroad.








“For my installation Rain of Memories I would very much appreciate if you could send your old key/s to the Képtár in Szentendre. Any kind of key would be great: Keys from your old place or house, keys from your wardrobe, keys from a room anywhere, keys you can not locate anymore… You are also welcome to send any notes along with your key: Any personal story you would like to share with us, or your memories connected with the key. Your key will be included in the installation and your note might be mentioned in the catalog accompanying the exhibition. Thank you very much Chiharu Shiota"

With the help of volunteers, schools and artists the Ferenczy Museum Center collected more than twenty-three thousand keys for the installation.