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Wanted – Lost Works of Czóbel

Wanted – Czóbel elveszett művei

Special temporary exhibition at Czóbel Museum Szentendre, Hungary | 2019
Curator: Gergely Barki

We do not know at least half of the works created during Czóbel's exceptionally long career, which spanned the entire 20th century. Major works from important periods, or almost entire eras, have been lost and are still hidden in unknown places. Some of his latent works we know only from descriptions, recollections, interviews, contemporary reviews, letters or exhibition catalogues, though there are also a number of archival photos, which are the most useful for the art historian. 

Czóbel Wanted

The 2019 "Czóbel Reconsidered" exhibition has been complemented by a new, eye-catching room in which we have selected black and white reproductions from the first half of his œuvre in an attempt to showcase the pieces that have disappeared without a trace. As it was not possible to show the original artwork, we created a spectacular installation of old, poor-quality photographs. The black and white reproductions were framed in stylized white frames on ultramarine walls. The aim of the exhibition was to bring the latent works to light.