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Czóbel Reconsidered | Újragondolt Czóbel 

permanent exhibition at Czóbel Museum Szentendre, Hungary | 2016-2019
Curator: Gergely Barki

Béla Czóbel was the first painter to have a museum dedicated to him in Hungary in his own lifetime. Many have contributed to the collection since the Museum was opened in 1975, but the permanent exhibition changed little over the decades. However, when it came to creating the concept of the new permanent exhibition after the 2016 renovation of the museum, the emphasis was not on permanence. 

czobel stamps

The exhibition has been renewed year by year, building on a selection of core material from the museum's holdings, but breaking with previous practice, works from private and public collections have been deposited and incorporated into the structure of the permanent exhibition, providing nuanced and new insights into an exceptional and immensely rich œuvre. The whole space of the museum was deliberately composed like a drawers jewelry box, reflecting the periods of the celebrated artist's life, who moved between Western Europe and Szentendre.