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Dezső Korniss – Cricketdance on the Edge of Existence

Korniss Dezső – Tücsöktánc a lét határán

at Szentendre Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary | 2017 
Curator: Emőke Bodonyi

Korniss Dezső exhibition's typography

In 2017 the Ferenczy Museum Center, Szentendre showed a selection of works by one of the classics of modern Hungarian art, Dezső Korniss (1908–1984). The exhibition is centered around the painting The Cricket Wedding (Tücsöklakodalom, 1948).

Dezső Korniss went back to Hungarian folk art and integrated it with the language of avant-garde – thus citing the work of Béla Bartók – with the aim of creating a modern Hungarian art. After 1945 Korniss painted several playful surrealist compositions, some of which evoke dramatic associations. One of these is The Cricket Wedding, an allusion to a children’s song – also adapted by Béla Bartók – the protagonists of which are beetles and other animals with human characteristics. But the joyful dance of the surrealistically enlarged figures of this micro-world is interfused by a disturbing sensation of existence in an upside down universe.


The typography of the exhibition title shapes beetle-like creatures from the letters using the form language of avant-garde and the playfulness of nursery rhymes, thus placing the emphasis on the easy-to-understand primary interpretation of The Cricket Wedding.

curator: Emőke Bodonyi

assistant curator: Fruzsina Kigyós

leading coordinator: Gabriella Gergely

graphic design and typography: Tímea Andorka

photos: Balázs Deim, Tímea Andorka

font: Axiforma by Kastelov

marketing and communication: Tímea Andorka, Andrea Csuport, Helga Philipp, Örs Szörényi, Tamás Torma

proofreading: Bori Zelei

installation: Tibor Flóris, Robin Kecskés, Szilárd Masika & Platinum GL

restorers: Krisztina Lővei, Katalin Lukács, László Schrett

collection Manager: Zoltán Herczeg

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