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The Lonely Cedar – The Genius of Csontváry

A magányos cédrus – Csontváry géniusza

exhibition at Army High Command (Honvéd Főparancsnokság), Budapest, Hungary | 2015
Curator: Gábor Gulyás

Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry (1853–1919) is one of the most influential artists of modern Hungarian painting. His art was not appreciated during his lifetime, but less than a decade after his death he had already developed a cult following. Nevertheless, he only had a few grand exhibitions, which is not independent of the technical difficulty of transporting his large paintings. In 1973, he was given his own museum in Pécs, where about half of his œuvre is kept. Most of his major works, besides the museum in Pécs, is in public collections. These were all displayed side by side in the exhibition – alongside works from private collections. 

Csontvary exhibition

Some of the works were shown by Csontváry himself at the exhibitions he organised - their details were on grey-coloured labels, while the works that were found later were given white labels. In addition, feature films, interactive tools and information panels helped visitors to find their way around the œuvre.

The Genius of Csontváry map