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Bureau | Hivatal  

for Campfilm | 2015

directed by Viktor Oszkár Nagy

Bureau follows everyday events inside a fictional immigration office, where we meet Anna, a new member of the staff. As we follow Anna’s daily routine, we find ourselves faced with sometimes humorous, sometimes thought-provoking and often touching tales, and begin to understand the pressure that all of this places on those manning the desk. 


Cain's Children | Káin gyermekei

for Campfilm | 2014

directed by Marcell Gerő

(non realized)

Three men, they all committed murder as children. They passed their entire youth in communist Hungary’s most brutal prison, where they were first filmed. Disturbing archive footage shows them confessing details of their crime, and sharing their plans for the future. Thirty years on the filmmaker goes out to find them and discovers untold secrets and a Hungary he has never known. Fate, sin, and legacy – seen through the eyes of Cain’s children.

Another Hungary –
The Life of a Village-Fragments |

Másik Magyarország – 
Töredékek egy falu hétköznapjaiból

for Campfilm | 2013

directed by Dénes Nagy

The film presents us a contemporary Hungarian artist, Imre Bukta, whose work is exhibited in contemporary art galleries throughout Europe, and who lives in a Hungarian village that is on the verge of total decline. Living in this village is not only a personal choice but also an artistic and civil responsibility for this person who takes inspiration from - and in fact carves his art from - the reality and habitat around him. In the style of a free cinematographic essay Dénes Nagy brings to light unknown territories of Europe and the lives of people who inhabit these areas. Delicately interweaving landscapes and portraits, silence and sounds, this poetic documentary captures the inner spirit of another Hungary.

Másik Magyarország


for The Symptoms | Tünet Együttes | 2011

directed by Réka Szabó

Cartoon with living characters. The black and white experimental short film is an abstract cartoon with live people. Its visuality emerged from a former performance of Réka Szabó’s dance company, The Symptoms. Nothing There (2008) uses a unique video technique that transforms both the performers and their shadows into living figures on stage. 

“The genre dance film is starting to be familiar in Hungary as well; however, it is often being confused with a documentation of dance performances with a more or less artistic cut. Using dance as a tool, we are aiming at making a film with a special language, that we call ‘a cartoon with live people.’ This film is inherently abstract and absurd; nevertheless, it has an easy to follow narrative-emotional plot.” (Réka Szabó)

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