Sound Art

On the Edge of Perceptibility

Fine art exhibition at Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
Curator: Zsolt Sőrés | Concept: Lívia Rózsás

Sound is a medium that has gained more and more ground in the visual arts in recent decades, even though it seems to contradict the very concept of visual art.
Since exhibitions that explore the role of sound in visual art and present sound installations have been few and far between in Hungary, On the Edge of Perceptibility satisfies a long-felt need, offering Hungarian artists – some of whom are lesser known – an opportunity to introduce their work, while also presenting international artists, who have adapted their pieces for the spaces of Műcsarnok.

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BINAURA group | András BLAZSEK | Arturas BUMŠTEINAS | Thanos CHRYSAKIS | Jozef CSERES |
Bernhard GÁL | hans w. koch | Gergő NAGY | Gerardo NOLASCO MAGAÑA | Jon ROSE | 
Christian SKJØDT | Carsten STABENOW | Gyula VÁRNAI

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