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Hungarian Bath Life – Völgyi-Skonda Contemporary Art Collection

Magyar fürdőélet – Válogatás a Völgyi-Skonda kortárs gyűjteményből

Fine art exhibition at MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, Debrecen, Hungary | 2011
Curator: Noémi Szabó

The famous and long-standing Hungarian bathing life was the theme of the exhibition of selected artworks from the collection of Miklós Völgyi and Mária Skonda. 

"With the choice of themes we would like to consciously combine one of Hungary's outstanding treasures, the spa culture, with contemporary artistic values" (Miklós Völgyi, Mária Skonda).

The contemporary artists approached by the collector couple have worked on the given theme in their own style and formal language, their common point being bathing life.

Magyar ürdőélet
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