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Újra Színház!  

"reopening"  image campaign  (unrealized design)

for Városmajori Szabadtéri Színpad | 2021

The Theatre wanted to promote its reopening after the pandemic with an eye-catching "we're back" campaign.   

S/Extasy or What You Will 

– folk musical comedy in action

M/Ámor, vagy amit akartok 

– zenés vígnépszínművelet

for Terminál Workhouse | 2016

directed by Tamás Dömötör

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream set in a Hungarian village setting. The fairy-inhabited forest is exchanged for a village tavern, and Puck's magic fluid for a good pálinka... Because what's the point of magic if reality is capable of astonishing things?

Sławomir Mrożek – The Emigrants

Sławomir Mrożek – Emigránsok

for Terminál Workhouse | 2016

directed by Zoltán Mucsi

Two emigrants, an intellectual and a laborer, live together in the basement of a house in an unnamed country in Western Europe. The intellectual emigrated for political reasons, the worker to find work.

Alibi | From Scratch | The Meaning of Life

Alibi | Karc | Az élet értelme

for The Symptoms | Tünet Együttes | 2010-11

directed by Réka Szabó

ALIBI-AN HOUR AND HALF OF INTERROGATION WITH LOTS OF MUSIC AND DANCE. Hilarious and grotesque, this vaudeville of self-reflection presents The Symptoms — a troupe fond of special effects and technical solutions — using a special mirror wall to conjure up an inner world filled with struggle, which we continually fabricate an “alibi” to repress and sweep under the carpet. In the course of the interrogation, laced with music and dance, the actors, called by their real names on stage, make confessions about their own lives. In the process, the viewers in the audience stare their own reflections in the eye.


From Scratch takes as its vantage point our trifle gestures, insignificant clichés, and commonplace daily routine, processing them in a collage of scenes. Each of the brief episodes that make up the performance gives us a different glimpse of the consumer society — simplified, stylized, and magnified in a unique, multi-generic language that mingles dance, absurd comedy, and pantomime. The piece has collected several awards at festivals around Hungary and has toured to great accolades in Europe.


The structure and the special technical environment of the performance reflect the coercion to choose between alternatives that permeate life: Only the keen focus of the audience as it zooms in on a selected detail can make sense of the chaos whirling between the beginning and the end. In theater, as in everyday life, you will miss everything if you want it all. The fabric of the whole is made up of personal confessions by the actors, from which each member of the audience may in turn "create" his or her own version of the performance.