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Sesztina Gallery | Sesztina Galéria

the MODEM’s reopened gallery in Debrecen, Hungary | 2018

Sesztina Gallery, MODEM’s chamber hall opened its doors with a refreshed contemporary art concept and a renewed look in Debrecen’s downtown.

The gallery is named after the Sesztinas: the family founded an ironmongery at the beginning of the 19th century in Debrecen. The firm soon became one of the most prestigious business of the city, making it possible to the family to support local traders, education and artists through generations. The former iron trading house is now home to Sesztina Gallery, following the Sesztina tradition to create and protect real values. 

Sesztina gallery

The main guidelines of the image change that followed the building renovation in 2018 was to preserve the major characters of the building’s original atmoshphere, the space organization and the iron structures while transforming it into a scene of art. The choice of letters was determined by the important aspect to use a typography that is remarkable not only printed on paper, but on the steel facade and on large metal plates, too—in more extensive sizes; a typography which fits into the contemporary, industrial and minimal design that stands out at the same time, and which is less dominant than the exhibited works, but highlights their diversity.