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Tamás Bakos – exhibition design

Sounds of the Street | Az utca hangjai

Barcsay Museum, Szentendre, Hungary | 2017

curator: Brigitta Muladi

Tamás Bakos was born in Nagykőrös in 1976. After finishing secondary school, he worked for a brief period as a server in his hometown, then, between 2000 and 2013, he lived as a homeless person in Budapest. In the meantime, he was learning on his own to draw and paint, using scraps of paper and pieces of wood found in the street, and regularly selling his work.

Bakos’ vibrating, restless works draw in the viewer’s gaze with a surprising suggestiveness, as a result of not only his daring colour associations, but his precise representation of movements and gestures, as well as his dynamic – sometimes even excessive, but never distorted – renditions of sensitively perceived facial asymmetries.

photos: Balázs Deim, Tímea Andorka

© the artist

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