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"Siege Is Our Business" –
The Banned 'Moving World' (1975–1983) | 
„Az ostromlás a dolgunk” –

A betiltott Mozgó Világ (1975–1983)

at Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre, Hungary | 2016
Curator: Zsófia Júlia Szilágyi

The ’Moving World’ (Mozgó Világ) was a legendary social, literary and art journal of the Kádár era. The editorial team of the fresh, open minded newspaper — created by high standard intellectuality — has become a real theoretical workshop.  The official cultural politics were offended more often by its content, implying authority actions (copies prohibition, censorship, chief editor changing). After a length political game they also suspended the new chief editor of Mozgó Világ. Later than this displacement, the entire editorial office answered with an unusual courage of those times: they quit. The reader university students organized a signature-collecting action and the paper’s authors started a boycott. The journal went on with an apparent continuity, with the very same name but a different editorial team.

The exhibition presented the old journal’s substantial, intellectual diversity and its documentable history.

Mozgó Világ exhibition

The exhibition was a kind of tableau of the major initiatives presented in the magazine in the fields of visual arts, music, film, literature and sociology. The innovative, visually strong content of Mozgó was reflected in the exhibition through the presentation of reproduced artworks and photographs, the evocation of authors, and the subjective memory of the intellectual milieu of the time through the interviews conducted for the exhibition.

The extraordinary popularity of the magazine was also felt in person at the Mozgó Világ clubs of the time. The documentable traces of the encounters with the public, the rarely taken photographs, were illustrated in infographics, and the invisible agent's reports, which meticulously followed the events, were hidden behind the wall in parallel. And the timeline of names, dates and years was a giant collage of the history of the 'old' Mozgó Világ.