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Balance Scales Books Series 

Mérleg könyvek könyvsorozat

Re-design of Mérleg könyvek book series | 2010

paper cutout, three-dimensional letterforms, books, posters, flyer, animation

My design consists in the re-design of 'Mérleg könyvek' a book series composed mainly of essays in philosophy and aesthetics. The overall conception unifying the individual volumes is that every cover features a photograph of a hand-made (folded, crumpled, burnt-out etc.), paper-based letterform composition, making use of the optical possibilities offered by light/shadow effects. The individual compositions make thematic reference to the topics discussed in the books. The overall conception refers to the mutually facilitating dynamic of idea, letter and paper in the experience of reading.


“The complex aesthetics and materiality of the book as an object”:
An Interview with Tímea Andorka (
Caustic Cover Critic, James Morrison)
"Great news all round." (
Henry Fry, Pop Philosophy)