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Lockdown Memories

book objects | 2021

In 2020 I spent a long time at home with my books. As we all watched the tragic events of the pandemic from the comfort of our homes, scientists, writers and artists worked to change the way we think about the world and our future. Their ideas inspired the creation of my series of posters.


Special thanks to Kata Bedi for her advice.

exhibited at co|show poster biennial 2021

at Colorado Mesa University, Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, USA 

lockdown memories #1

october 2020

inspired by David Attenborough’s documentary film A Life on Our Planet

lockdown memories David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet

lockdown memories #2

august 2020

inspired by Ai Weiwei’s documentary film Coronation

lockdown memories Ai Weiwei, Coronation

lockdown memories #3

july 2020

inspired by the launch of NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance

lockdown memories NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance