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Colour profile | Színprofil

technique: folded colour paper strip, light | 2010

Goethe's 'Theory of Colours' appeared in 1810. On the occasion of the bicentennial anniversary of the book the Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers (MATT) announces an international design competition entitled 'Goetheorie'.
Goethe’s interest in the experience of colour outlines his scientific profile – which is the metaphor elaborated on by the installation Colour Profile. In this case the figurative element of the composition is the shadow, traditionally conceived of as a lack of light and colour, which however appears and gives the impression of a bust only when the coloured stripe is lit from the appropriate angle.

exhibited at Design Terminál, Budapest, November 11 – 20, 2011

ASU GDSA 8th Annual VCD Poster Show and Auction, Arizona, USA, 2015

"We loved Timea Andorka’s submission which dabble with Goethe’s studies of coloured shadow phenomenon. Színprofil is a three dimensional poster produced using a single folded piece of coloured paper and a piece of tape which, when lit from the correct angle, creates a shadow resembling Goethe’s head in profile." (ArtsThread)

Colour profile (Színprofil) poster
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