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Café Green Handle

Zöld Kilincs kávézó 

at MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, Debrecen, Hungary | 2017



MODEM’s art café opened its doors again with a redesigned, green look in 2017. The main purpose of the renovation was to make Zöld kilincs a popular art scene in Debrecen city centre. The café offers a wide rage of programs, a possibility to scroll through art magazines from the shelves or to buy exhibition catalogues; concerts, literary events, museum education sessions and arts and crafts programs are organized to all visitors, regardless of age.

cafe design

The cosiness and clarity of the space is based on an installative wall label made of Icelandic lichen of which one can catch sight far from outside the building through the huge windows. The wall label is complemented by the grass tables and cell-like lamps, the price-list which is a puzzle built from letters and the drink menus which hang on handles from the wall.