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Among Theatrical Scenery – Theater of Szentendre 50

Díszletek közt – Szentendrei Teátrum 50

at Szentendre Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary | 2019
Curator: Zsófia Júlia Szilágyi

Fifty years ago students of the Academy of Drama and Film, led by Gábor Zsámbéki, a young man studying to become a director, came up with the idea of a summer theater in the Main Square of Szentendre. One of the professors of the Academy, András Békés, the director of the Opera House, stood in the forefront of this initiative. As a result, the first performance was presented in the summer of 1969. The Theater of Szentendre soon became an emblematic institution of Hungarian theater culture. 

The exhibition, with a strong emphasis on visual elements, recalled fifty years of successes and failures. The glittering room signs, the timeline that stretches across one room, and the spectacular chair installation all evoked unforgettable performances, theatrical achievements, great actors, magical sets. And above all, it may recall the intimate atmosphere, where summer lightness and high quality professionalism has met and made the Theater of Szentendre so memorable for many people over the past half century.